Restores Worn Keypad Buttons


KeyPad-Fix is quick and easy to use. Here is how:


1. Clean defective carbon keypad contact and copper switch pad. Clean only those contacts that need to be repaired.
2. Mix contents of jar.
3. Brush mixed material onto carbon contact with a cotton swab. Apply a very thin coating, about the thickness of cellophane tape. Clean excess material from keypad after application.
4. Dries tack-free in two hours. Repaired keypad can be returned to service after drying overnight.


Helpful Hints

· An oil film on the repair surface may cause KeyPad-Fix to “bead up” and not stick to the contact that you are repairing. Clear away with an alcohol wipe and reapply.

· For best product preparation, pour off and save liquid on top. Thoroughly mix paste on jar bottom, reintroduce top liquid and mix again.