Restores Worn Keypad Buttons


KeyPad-Fix is quick and easy to use. Here is how:


1. Clean defective carbon keypad contact and copper switch pad. Clean only those contacts that need to be repaired.
2. Mix contents of jar.
3. Brush mixed material onto carbon contact with a cotton swab. Apply a very thin coating, about the thickness of cellophane tape. Clean excess material from keypad after application.
4. Dries tack-free in two hours. Repaired keypad can be returned to service after drying overnight.


Helpful Hints

· An oil film on the repair surface may cause KeyPad-Fix to “bead up” and not stick to the contact that you are repairing. Clear away with an alcohol wipe and reapply.

· For best product preparation, pour off and save liquid on top. Thoroughly mix paste on jar bottom, reintroduce top liquid and mix again.




Features and Benefits

Introducing KeyPad-Fix, the latest addition to Anders carded product line

Consumer tastes are on the move and Anders products are moving with of them. KeyPad-Fix now joins Wire Glue & Corrosion Gone as products which enabled your customers to get more things done.


Easy DIY Electronic Repair

KeyPad-Fix also fits in with your customers’ green outlook on life: With a single jar KeyPad-Fix your customers can refurbish many household electronic gadgets ranging from sticky TV remotes, telephone keypads, game controls, automotive key fobs and more.

1-03-high-blister-cardGreen Product

Your customers want to reduce their e-waste footprint and get more life out of their electronic gadgets: KeyPad-Fix provides both.
KeyPad-Fix makes fixing that sticky keypad a quick and easy repair, which will outlast the original. Laboratory testing of KeyPad-Fix under actual use conditions has shown that it can withstand the millions of keypad actuations without a single failure.


Excellent Value

With a small investment for a jar of KeyPad-Fix your customers can save hundreds of dollars by prolonging the life of their existing electronic gadgets.  Literally dozens of items can be repaired with a single jar.


Proven Track Record

The product has been on the market since 2005 with thousands of satisfied customers, and now with this new carded format, which is now available for immediate shipment.

Step on board the DIY revolution and offer your customers this exciting new product, and watch your sales bottom-line grow and grow.



Wholesale & Retailers Page

Become a KeyPad-Fix Distributor or Retailer

Become a distributor or retailer of a product in one of the most exciting and innovative product categorizes – DIY Repair.

We Design & Manufacture our DIY repair products here in the U.S.A. having sold them Worldwide for the past 17 years to:  All types of internet sellers,  Catalog houses large & small,  Hardware Stores,  Electronic Parts Suppliers: both chains and single proprietor stores,  Flea Market Vendors, Discount chains,  Auto parts stores, etc…

Anders makes it easy for You:

Mix and match our three products: KeyPad-FixCorrosion Gone & Wire Glue to get the lowest wholesale price.

Product ready for immediate delivery for your  just-in-time operation.

Distributor pricing for our line of DIY repair products among the best in the industry.

Complete marketing help including header card strip clips and demonstrators.

Technical Support

Have a customer question  with any of our products? A suggestion for a new product idea, or just general comments  or observations? We would like to hear from you ! Drop us a line 24/7.

Please remember: “Your success is our success”

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