Restores Worn Keypad Buttons

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Become a KeyPad-Fix Distributor or Retailer

Become a distributor or retailer of a product in one of the most exciting and innovative product categorizes – DIY Repair.

We Design & Manufacture our DIY repair products here in the U.S.A. having sold them Worldwide for the past 17 years to:  All types of internet sellers,  Catalog houses large & small,  Hardware Stores,  Electronic Parts Suppliers: both chains and single proprietor stores,  Flea Market Vendors, Discount chains,  Auto parts stores, etc…

Anders makes it easy for You:

Mix and match our three products: KeyPad-FixCorrosion Gone & Wire Glue to get the lowest wholesale price.

Product ready for immediate delivery for your  just-in-time operation.

Distributor pricing for our line of DIY repair products among the best in the industry.

Complete marketing help including header card strip clips and demonstrators.

Technical Support

Have a customer question  with any of our products? A suggestion for a new product idea, or just general comments  or observations? We would like to hear from you ! Drop us a line 24/7.

Please remember: “Your success is our success”